Opening in 1930, the Phoenix Theatre is one of the West Ends newer theatres, with a capacity of 1,012 across three tiers of seating. Inside the auditorium, there are three seating sections including the Stalls, the Dress Circle and the Grand Circle.


The Stalls can be found on the ground floor of the auditorium and are the closest seating section to the stage. Excellent views can be found throughout the Stalls, with the intimacy of the theatre allowing for even the back rows to feel close to the action. The best views can be found in the mid-front section of the Stalls, with average legroom throughout the seating. Those requiring extra legroom should sit in an aisle seat.

Dress Circle

Situated above the Stalls, the Dress Circle offers brilliant views of the stage and can often offer discounted prices for similar views to those in the Stalls. The Dress Circle is the perfect place to sit for musicals, where you will be able to see all of the choreography as a whole. Seats here offer great views but you may feel a little far away from all of the action.

Grand Circle

Grand Circle seats are the highest in the auditorium, located above the Dress Circle. Views here are quite good from the front section, although you may feel very far away from the stage the further back you go. On the plus side, good views can be found for discounted prices. Be sure to check seats for restrictions before booking.

Share Your Seating Tips

Have you visited the Phoenix Theatre recently? Where did you sit? Would you recommend your seat to others due to the great view or was your view restricted and not worth the money you paid? Please add your comments below and share your Phoenix Theatre seating tips!


  1. Blood Brothers is a wonderful play and seating is very good. Viewing is excellent making you feel very much a part of the show.

  2. Guys and Dolls was a wonderful show. Everyone was brilliant!! Would definitely see it again. Sat in Row D of the stalls but had a large man in front of me and my view was somewhat restricted. Fortunately, there were two vacant seats next to my husband and I was able to move along one seat. Could see perfectly from then on.

  3. Saw The Girls from seats A6-9 on the Grand circle which should come under the category of restricted but are not. We found the brass rail ran right through our eye line and had to strain up and down to be able to see properly very disappointing as they weren’t the cheapest tickets. At half time we decided to move a row back which was fine.

  4. Went to see The Girls
    Would reccomend seats A15 -A20 in the stalls had a fantastic view did not miss seeing a thing

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